Why Synthetic Oil Is Better for Your Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

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Synthetic motor oil offers many advantages for the big bore Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Aside from being air-cooled, Harley big bores tend to run higher cylinder temperatures because of the long stroke and comparatively smaller bore which increases the swept area in the cylinder and piston speed for any given RPM. Big twins that are operated in the southern areas of the country where outside temperatures are higher or are used in a lot of stop and go city driving will see elevated temperatures, especially in the rear cylinder. All of these factors put increased demands on the engine oil. Compared to conventional petroleum oil, synthetic motorcycle engine oil offers many advantages. High grade synthetic oils manufactured from PAO (polyalphaolifin) base stocks offer dramatically better wear protection and excel in high and low temperature extremes. In cold temperatures, synthetic motor oils provide near instant oil pressure and easy cranking during starts.

At high temperatures that would have conventional petroleum oil oxidizing at a rapid pace with the attendant wear, sludge and deposits this causes, synthetic oils uniform molecular structure runs clean and cool. Synthetic motor oils dissipate heat faster often dropping cylinder temperatures twenty to fifty degrees. Synthetic oils help maximize fuel economy and increase horse power by reducing friction and drag considerably compared to conventional oils. Synthetic oils such as Amsoil’s high performance synthetic motorcycle oil also offers the benefit of longer change intervals of up to twenty thousand miles or one year adding an element of convenience to the purchase of synthetic motorcycle oil.

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