Why does the rear-view mirror shake above a certain speed?

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Q: I purchased a 3-year-old Infiniti Q40 four years ago from a dealer. The car had slight cosmetic damage to one wheel and the front rotors, and one of the wheel bearings was replaced in 2018 when the car was first purchased.

At speeds more than 75 miles per hour, the rear-view mirror shakes. The steering wheel does not shake at all and there is no vibration in the car. The tires have been replaced and the wheels rotated and balanced multiple times in the last four years. Any thoughts? 

A: The rear-view mirror is picking up a very slight vibration in the car. That vibration could be coming from a wheel, tire, bearing or even the engine.

Since the steering wheel is not vibrating, the issue is more than likely from the rear of the car. These wheels/tires are very finicky to balance and use a special collet, rather than a cone, on the balancing machine.

Since the vibration only happens above the speed limit, it may be easier to live with the issue rather than fix it.  

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