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This MultiVersus Shaggy tutorial can support any newcomers to the activity hunting to excel with the most very easily-frightened detective of the Scooby-Doo gang. Shaggy is just one of the several “recommended” figures in MultiVersus, that means he is a powerful character who is quick to select up, earning him one of the top places on the MultiVersus greatest people tier listing. For additional details about how to use this character thoroughly, keep studying this MultiVersus Shaggy tutorial.


MultiVersus Shaggy Guide: Overview

Shaggy lacks the comprehensive combo recreation you would find in the MultiVersus Harley Quinn tutorial. Although this allows hold his recreation approach uncomplicated, it also usually means he may possibly not have the identical abilities as other people at the optimum level of play.

As a Hybrid fighter, Shaggy is equally adept at killing opponents vertically as horizontally. He is also a Bruiser, indicating his moves strike challenging, even if some of them have a gradual get started-up. Gamers who can properly study their opponents or whiff punish them with potent moves will uncover a lot of good results with Shaggy.

Shaggy’s passive potential is termed It’s, Like, Off-the-Charts and offers with a exclusive mechanic recognized as Rage. When Shaggy is Raged, his specific assaults strike tougher, obtain armor, and utilize maximum stacks of the Weakened debuff to opponents he hits. Nonetheless, his Rage will vanish following he uses a special attack.

While Shaggy is Raged, his allies become Enraged, that means they will utilize maximum stacks of Weakened with their upcoming melee assault. In addition, Shaggy commences each and every lifestyle with a sandwich he can throw as a projectile.

MultiVersus Shaggy Guidebook: Specials

Shaggy charges his neutral-special in MultiVersus.

For his neutral-unique, Zoinks!, Shaggy expenses Rage. After charging it, he drops a Scooby Snack that presents a bit of therapeutic to whoever eats it. In 2v2s, Shaggy rushes towards his ally following charging it, building them Enraged and working a little bit of knockback to any close by enemies.

Shaggy’s facet-unique, Chiller Instinct Kick, is a gradual-but-highly effective flying kick. In the same way, his up-distinctive, Electric power Uppercut, is a flying punch that offers a excellent amount of knockback and can effortlessly destroy opponents off the prime of the display. If Shaggy is Raged, Energy Uppercut will strike multiple moments if Shaggy uses it on the floor.

His grounded down-particular is Like, Feed the Starvation, which triggers him to equip a sandwich or toss a sandwich if he presently has one particular. The sandwich toss will become larger sized and does more injury if Shaggy is Raged, while Raged Shaggy will only do a slam attack on the ground if he does not by now have a sandwich.

In the air, Shaggy’s down-particular is Like, C’Mere Man! With this assault, he hurdles toward the ground and gains armor, working hurt to close by enemies when he lands. If he is Raged and doesn’t have a sandwich, Shaggy’s aerial down-particular creates a shockwave that hits various periods on the ground. Conversely, Shaggy will just throw his enlarged sandwich whilst in the air if he has a sandwich in advance of he turns into Raged.

MultiVersus Shaggy Information: Benefits

Shaggy's perks in MultiVersus.

Shaggy has two signature perks in MultiVersus. The initially, A person Past Zoinks, routinely provides him Rage when he has taken much more than 100 harm. The other, Hangry Male, enables him to charge Rage additional quickly if he has a sandwich outfitted. On the other hand, he ought to try to eat his sandwich in order to do so, indicating it can not be made use of as a projectile.

Shaggy’s greatest Utility perk, Past Stand, results in him to deal 10% a lot more damage with all of his assaults soon after he has passed 100 destruction himself. As a consequence, this perk pairs nicely with One Final Zoinks, as the two benefits in conjunction make Shaggy an offensive powerhouse when he is at a large %.

The Offense perk Lumpy Area Punch grants him a 5% hurt buff to his aerial melee attacks, which aids Shaggy when he techniques with moves like neutral-air, ahead-air, and down-air. Last but not least, the Protection perk Kryptonian Skin leads to Shaggy to consider 4% considerably less destruction from enemy attacks. This allows his survivability, which is especially important when he is around 100 p.c and is looking to mount a comeback with his other offensive benefits.

MultiVersus Shaggy Tutorial: Combos

Shaggy uses his Raged grounded down-special in MultiVersus.

For the reason that numerous of his strongest moves are a little bit slow, comboing with Shaggy is no quick feat. Yet, a low-to-the-floor down-air from Shaggy will pop opponents into the air. At specified percentages, he can adhere to up with an up-specific to start his opponents to their deaths. 

Similarly, Shaggy can combo a down-air into a ahead-air to drive his opponents to the side and off the stage. From there, he can get rid of them off the aspect with yet another forward-air or off the bottom with yet another down-air.

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