2007 Toyota LandCruiser Prado GLX owner review

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About the Toyota LandCruiser Prado

Damian K purchased this Toyota LandCruiser Prado utilised for $39,000 (which includes all on-highway costs) in 2012. Damian K would acquire this auto again simply because: “It’s been the complete responsible workhorse that I believed it would be. It’s taken my family members all over outback Australia, rescued other autos, and I could not be happier. I know any mechanic in Australia with a 10mm socket can restore it if it requirements it, and the array of extras for it is infinite.”

How reliable has your vehicle been? Explain to us about any difficulties.

I have experienced to exchange 3 goods on it in the 9-or-so many years I’ve owned it. A drinking water pump, which conveniently waited until eventually I was on my way to get a provider carried out ahead of it went, a MAF sensor filter broke (widespread on D4Ds) and I changed it myself with a $20 portion from eBay, and the suspension became leaky close to the 150,000km mark, which was actually a good justification to replace them with a established of Outdated Male Emus.

I’ve taken off points for Toyota’s paintwork. The distinct coat has all but absent, and offers the vehicle an previous glance. I’m keen to forgive some of it provided the vehicle put in three-and-a-half years in Mount Isa (and the air good quality there is not wonderful), but it would have been awesome if it lasted a little bit extended.

What do you imagine of the possession practical experience with your vehicle?

Fantastic, all over again specified the dependability of (at the very least this technology) of Toyotas. Though I wouldn’t call Toyota precisely “engaged” with me as a secondhand operator, it is been trouble absolutely free.

My neighborhood Toyota dealer has been terrific, and I’m fairly confident there will constantly be a “local” Toyota seller no make any difference wherever I are living.

Are you content with the price tag and options of your car?

Given the price I paid and the longevity, indeed. Attributes sensible, while there are a whole lot of “modern” attributes my vehicle doesn’t have, particularly safety tech, I’m relieved it does not have heaps of tech to break when I’m in the center of nowhere.

I’ve replaced the head device with a CarPlay-appropriate alternative, so that is saved me really pleased. You’d normally adore it to be less expensive, but given the recent condition of the secondhand market, I’m quite content with what I compensated for it.

What do you feel of the efficiency and financial system of your car?

Effectiveness intelligent, I under no circumstances anticipate a ~3 tonne diesel Prado to be leaving anyone at the lights, but in minimal-assortment, up hills, or in deep sand, the power output is place on.

Towing can get thirsty with a load or a bad aero condition, but I in no way acquired it to tow, so that hardly ever bothers me. I can get it <10l/100 on boring straight highway at 100, but most of the time it’s around the 14l/100 mark.

Not great for city work, but for a family mover it’s acceptable.

What do you think of the technology in your car?

Just enough that I don’t want for the newer gear. Triple-zone climate control, cruise and, as mentioned, it doesn’t have any weird proprietary head units so I was able to replace the head unit with an off the shelf CarPlay/Android Auto unit, and I’m very happy with that.

What do you think of the ride comfort and handling of your car?

The score here is a bit deceptive, as it’s the comfort and handling of my car after the OME suspension upgrade. Stock, secondhand suspension was very… “custard-like” is probably the best way to describe it.

With the upgraded suspension it handles quite well for a vehicle of its size and weight. Comfort is always excellent, especially for longer drives.

Do you have any additional comments about your car?

Prados have a reputation for a reason, and I’m glad I believed the hype.

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